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Shonan Auto Trader is well know for being a reliable Exporter and Dealer of Japanese Used Cars in Japan.  The company is based on simple principles, To Save Time, Save Money & Reliability for our Clients. Keeping in consideration the varied demand of clients globally we deal with 145+ auction houses in Japan including (USS, TAA, CAA, HAA, JAA, JU, ARAI and others). We strive to provide the best outcome with in the desired budget which allows our clients to maximize their profits. a



We claim to be a Exporter and Dealer of Japanese Used Cars in Japan. Having a team of competent employees and sales specialists having updated knowledge of their respective markets. We have been in the market for more than 15 years.

Free Auction Access

Buying from auction is one of the cost effective idea to flourish car business. Shonan Traders Japan provides there customers free access to 145+ auction houses in Japan.


From purchase process to shipping vehicles to your country; whole process is transparent so that we can break the trust barrier with our customers and flourish together for a better standing.


On-time service is a demand of every customer, in affiliation with known shipping agencies we are shipping orders on the earliest bookings. We also export spares by air on demand.


Shonan Auto Trader is known for being a Reliable Exporter of Japanese used cars and spare-parts across the globe. We are an official entity in Japan since 2004 registered with Chamber of Commerce Atsugi, Japan. Catering thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe. With our cutting edge technology we try to provide the best experience to our clients.